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Connect digital and real
Share knowledge through the cloud
Optimize your e-learning
Simplify data access
Produce with performance
Consider workplace health


To exploit, archive, share digital data.

Augmented reality platform

Share knowledge immediately through the cloud. Thanks to a simple and ergonomic web interface, add your multimedia content to the real environment and directly access this data to enrich all user experiences. Discover ARzone

MSD prevention platform

Measure gestures and postures on workstations. TMS Studio is a software and hardware solution for identifying and prevention musculoskeletal disorders. Discover TMS Studio

Virtual reality platform

Access your digital data in 360°. PanoBuilder allows you to offer true 360° immersion, add content dynamic and connect your virtual tours to different services. Broadcast your visits in mode multi-channel and multi-support simply and quickly. Discover PanoBuilder


3D modeling

3D scanning of real objects, modeling, digital sculpture

Virtual reality

360 video, virtual tour, real-time immersive system

Augmented reality

Documentation, Packaging and augmented products

3D printing

High-precision resin and metal prototyping

Digital platforms

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Platforms



E-Mage-IN 3D, digital solutions at the service of your projects.

OUR VISION Digital is the real challenge of the beginning of the 21st century, it can create activity and employment in areas far from major cities. Privilege the life balance of the people who participate in it by settling in Brittany and the Crozon peninsula in France has enabled us to invent very innovative digital solutions, broadcast around the world from this stimulating territorial anchorage.
OUR TEAM Composed of doctors in computer vision, mathematics, artificial intelligence and development engineers of high-level digital applications and services, our team supports you and makes its skills available for the success of your projects. in the sectors of industry, construction, health, culture and communication.
SINCE 2013 Created in 2013, E-Mage-IN 3D brings a vision and innovative digital solutions to the heart of Brittany and distributes them around the world. whole through the cloud and high value-added applications in the fields of reality virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.
OUR AMBITIONS Thanks to the democratization of mobile terminals and the increased performance of hardware and connections, the digital transition is booming. Pro active and agile, E-Mage-IN 3D offers its latest technological innovations supported by an R&D department and a team always in search of differentiating solutions for your projects.


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Head office Rue André Antoine 29570 Camaret/mer +33 (0) 2 98 26 77 03
Business manager C/O Le Lavoir- 26 rue du Léon 35000 Rennes +33 (0) 2 98 26 77 03